Special Assessment Documentation – IAN

A loss assessment for damages from hurricane Ian was approved at the February 23rd Board Meeting for $4,000 and is due on or before May 1, 2023.

You may have insurance coverage for the special assessment pursuant to your personal insurance policy for your Unit in accordance with Section 627.714, Florida Statutes. If you have any questions regarding such coverage you should contact your insurance agent or insurance carrier.

If you do have insurance coverage for the special assessment it is quite likely that your insurance carrier may require additional documentation. Electronic copies in PDF format of the documents that may be requested are below. If your individual carrier requires something additional, please contact David Altiero (david@sunstatemanagement.com) at Sunstate.

  • Loss Assessment Letter
  • Notice of Special Assessment
  • Associations Master Insurance Policy Declaration page
  • Insurer’s (Frontline Insurance) Statement of Loss Letter
  • February 23rd Board Meeting minutes where the assessment was approved
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