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May 20, 2021
Dear Owner(s):
Construction Season is upon us! We are writing this in the interest of providing the most timely updates possible. This update will give you our best estimates of schedule, costs and the impact on you as an owner so please review the information carefully and reach out with any questions you may have.
Which projects are we talking about?
The Board has opted to pursue the most aggressive schedule possible to complete the roof and bumpout projects. The plan is to complete all bump-outs and roofs on the Bay side prior to January 1, 2022. Completing these projects requires almost all of the air conditioners and decks to be removed and reinstalled. In addition, we are putting in place plans to complete all of roofs on the Gulf side starting April 1, 2022 with a target completion of July 1. The balance of the bump-outs on the Gulf will also be completed in 2022. As a result, driveway improvements have been delayed. Please see the schedule below for additional detail.
How are we paying for this?
A bank loan for $2,000,000 has been approved and the closing was completed on April 22. The loan is for 15 years at a fixed rate of 3.75%. This loan along with your annual Reserve Fund contributions will cover the cost of these improvements. There will be additional costs to each owner based on their individual situation.
So what is this going to cost ME?
In order to replace the roofs and to be compliant with current Florida Building code and the Tamarind Gulf & Bay Architectural Guidelines and Maintenance Standards, any air conditioner that is not currently on an aluminum stand will need to be removed and reinstalled on a stand. This will impact each owner differently depending on the age and condition of their individual A/C unit. A/C units that use the now banned R22 refrigerant or that have rusted to the point they cannot be secured to the stand per building code will need to be replaced at the OWNER’S COST. During the next month, the A/C supplier (Abbott Air) will be inspecting every individual unit and providing a professional evaluation. Owners will be contacted with information regarding this evaluation as soon as it becomes available. Other costs incurred that are required to meet current building code will be charged directly to the owner, including the cost of pumping down and recharging the A/C unit. We will soon have pricing for those that wish to have Abbott replace their A/C units in addition to the ancillary cost estimates. If any owner wishes to secure their own A/C supplier, they will need to contact the Association at least 30 days prior to their roof replacement.
The same logic applies to the removal and re-installation of the roof top decks. Decks that do not meet the Architectural Guidelines standard of modularity or have deteriorated to the point they cannot be moved and reinstalled will need to be upgraded to meet these standards. We are working will Creative Construction Solutions to provide individual estimates for this work.
How long will my building take and how long will I not have air conditioning?
The total roofing project is expected to take 20 weeks to complete with a target start date of July 12. Each building is expected to take 2-3 weeks to complete with the D-1 building taking the longest. Any individual unit will be without A/C from 1 to 3 days depending on their current equipment and installation. During this time, entry will be required into every unit and power to the A/C will be disconnected at the electrical panel to ensure everybody’s safety.
What about noise and construction traffic?
Unfortunately, construction projects of this size and complexity require a lot of equipment, materials and people. During the re-roofing of any individual buildings, large areas will be cordoned off near the building to accommodate a crane and dumpster. We will provide notice and diagrams in advance but please plan on the need to utilize alternate parking and access routes while the equipment is present.
What do I need to do right now?
Review the schedule and determine the following:
• Suppress rentals and plan visitation based on the construction schedule. Understand that timelines can extend due to inclement weather and material availability.
• Have a plan, make decisions and take action on A/C and deck replacements. It’s not a bad idea to take advantage of the volume discounts we have during this project if you are in doubt about
replacing your unit.
• Make sure the office has a key to your unit.
• Any vehicle left on property in your carport should not be impacted. Per Association rules, the office must have a key to any vehicle left on property when not in residence.
• Make sure everything is off your deck leaving clear access to the sliding glass door both inside and out.
Change is hard and we need your help!
Please recognize that this is one of the largest improvement projects Tamarind has ever undertaken. Successful completion will result in significant insurance savings and reduced maintenance costs. Please do your part to help make this a success.
Thank you!
Tamarind Board of Directors
Printable versions of the information above as well as the schedule are below:

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